Friday 10 June 2011

It ain’t half hot

Yesterday was more of the same weather wise and it got up to 30 degrees by lunchtime. The water temperature was 17 degrees and the height had dropped by about 3 inches which is a lot for a river of this size.

Here at Lower Varzuga we fished in the morning where Paul Y had 2 nice fish and then we had a long lunch, a siesta and hit the river again at around 7pm. With the guides working from 9am to 6pm it was left to Jesse, the camp manager and Christopher Robinson to take the 3 clients out in separate boats. Rather inevitably things got competitive as both tried to prove that they knew the river better than the other in an attempt to put their rods on fish. Christopher has been up here for 20 years and Jesse 2 – bets were placed and bold statements were made. Kola discretion prevents me from disclosing full details but let’s just say that Jesse is walking a foot taller this morning and that Michael G was happy he chose to be guided by the newbie!

Paul Y with one from the morning
At Middle Varzuga the team also had an early supper in order to make the most of the cooler evening. They had 58 between the 12 rods and they worked hard for their fish as it really was seriously hot yesterday afternoon.

At Kitza, Roger B had a bonanza session in the afternoon with 7 fish out of Sasha’s pool. Having had a couple in the morning he finished on 9 for the day and whilst he valiantly tried in the evening for his 10th fish it would not oblige. 24 bright fish, straight off the tide, were landed to their 7 rods.

Picture taken by Christopher - not of his rods playing fish...
Up river at Pana they are having a great week as they continue to have kinder weather (in fishing terms) to contend with. The 8 rods landed 59 fish and Jean H had a stunning fish of 18lbs from Ponsoi pool.

I am going home with the clients tomorrow so Christopher Robinson will be your blogger over the next fortnight and he will be based at Middle Varzuga. I hope he has as superb a time as I have had over the past three weeks.

Charlie White