Friday 16 May 2014

Middle Varzuga

A brief blog this morning as we are leaving here at 8 a.m. with kit and supplies for Kitza. After the disgusting weather yesterday it dawned cold, bright and sunny. A wonderful day and although not warm by any means the sun started its work on the snow and by the afternoon the little streams that feed the river off the Tundra were running really well. The river was a bit dirty as a result and has come up a few inches, but it is still not that full given the time of year.

Middle Camp yesterday
I boated up to Middle camp with Terry the Manger and Donna our most experienced (ever) cook, and of course Glenn with his boxes of tricks to fix anything. We found Big Misha and the all the usual faces to greet us, Luda had arrived too with young Sonya and suddenly the team were re-united and getting on with opening up the camp.
Veranda extension
Misha proudly showed me the extension to the main lodge veranda that I had requested last year, guests can now sit in the evening sunshine enjoying a cold drink. We got the boats in the water, Glenn mended a couple of engines that had got a bit beaten up in the low water last year, sorted out the camp kit and returned late in the day back to Lower Camp. Tomorrow we’ll go up again and leave Terry and Donna there ready for the first guests on Saturday.

Generator Pool
Terry and I had a good look at the river up to Blue Rock. There is much less ice on the banks this year and none of the huge ice walls of 2013. It all look very fishable, Generator bank is clear of big ice, there are a few slabs in some places, but nothing to prevent access. Sadly time prevented a cast or two!

I’ll put some pictures up after our visit to Kitza tomorrow and will let you know how the camp is. In the meantime, if you are leaving tomorrow to join us all here on Saturday – there is quite a lot of snow left and warmer weather could bring a higher river. It has been pretty cold, so come prepared (but expect change! If we say it is cold, you can guarantee that on a Saturday the weather system will change).

I’ll update you tomorrow.

Christopher Robinson