Saturday 17 May 2014

Open for business

We went over to Kitza this morning to top the camp up with supplies, see the team there and to check over the outboard engines. There remains quite a bit of snow in camp where the sun has not reached it, but that is disappearing fast as it is here in Lower camp. Over the last week there has been a noticeable melt. The ‘lawn’ here is now quite muddy in places.

Kitza Camp yesterday
Kitza river was looking good, not too high at the moment, the odd bit of ice coming down but that is clearing quickly. It looked very fishable and just about right. Likewise here on Varzuga the river has really settled down, much clearer now although the small feeder streams are still running well in the relative warmth of the afternoon.
Kitza River
We have not had a chance to fish in the last few days, however this evening after we had all done in camp Bill Drury went down Heli Pool for an hour or so and landed ‘quite a few’. He was using a fast sink tip, a Yellow and Black fly on a 1½" aluminium tube and dressed quite long, about 2 inches.

Bill in Heli Pool
 A short blog again as we leave early this morning for Murmansk to meet the clients. The good news is that Varzuga river is ready for business, and all the team here are looking forward to seeing their new guests. The river looks in fine fettle.

One of Bill's today - a true spring salmon
I return to UK today and Charlie will be here to keep up the reports. More news from him on Sunday.

Christopher Robinson