Tuesday 20 May 2014

Up to Middle

After a beautiful day at Lower I went up to Middle Varzuga to top up their supplies and catch up with the clients fishing from that camp.  They had had a tougher day than their first day with the river still rising and it being quite dirty but they had done pretty well in the main and landed 55 fish in total.

Stewart S was one of the lead performers and took 10 from Party Pool but at dinner we all bemoaned the absence of his long term fishing partner who has had to miss this season due to long term family commitments – Keith, we need you back!
Mark B with one from Clarkes at Middle
It normally takes 45 minutes to get to Middle from here but last night it took an hour and a quarter as the strength of the water made it difficult to make any speedy progress.  Needless to say, my return journey downstream was made in record time.
At lunchtime yesterday we had only had a couple of fish between us at Lower and it was hard work but the afternoon saw the river fine down a fair bit and the afternoon session was much better.  Ken B and Mark E found the right formula on Jannaways and landed 7 of the 12 fish they hooked.  Craig P’s customary diligence paid off and he landed 6 from Green Bank in the afternoon.  Spurred on by his success he rose at 3.30 this morning and has landed 5 fish before his long awaited breakfast.

Peter W yesterday
The river is huge but it is clearing and this morning bodes well for the final day for these rods here before we take them to Kitza this evening.
At Kitza the river is still rising and the banks are being scoured quite hard so it is tough for the fish to see the fly even when you can hold in the right zone.  After their difficult first day they had quite a major party in the evening and only 3 or 4 of them went fishing for an hour or so yesterday before calling it day.  Tom assessed the situation and decided that a big lunch down at the White Sea would be a better way of clearing the heads which was a huge success although how clear the heads were at the end of it is open to debate.

Guide Ivan with one of Joe O'D's
Successful tactics at the moment are 15ft of T-14 plus 2inch Snaelda’s and Willie Gunn’s.  The fish are here and when we can get them to see the fly we are having success - Craig’s excellent morning has put a spring in everyone’s step and today looks pretty good.

Charlie White