Wednesday 21 May 2014

Pana and changeover day

Yesterday we took the team to Pana to begin opening the camp to be ready for the first guests on Saturday.  The camp looks fantastic and with new staff accommodation it means that we now have seven cabins for the eight guests, all with new showers.  It takes time to get huge amounts done up here but as ever, we have a rolling programme of improvements to keep making life in camp more comfortable.

Unsurprisingly the river there is bank high and it might take a bit of time for the main run of fish to get to the pools around camp but as head guide Dima pointed out, they have plenty of water to boat downstream and find them.
Alicia and Natasha, looking forward to seeing everyone again
We had a better day at Lower with everyone having one or two fish but Sue C and Joan G swept the honours board by landing 16 fish between them.  Sue landed a really good fish from Upper Sviats and the majority of the fish landed were certainly on the bigger size – as you would expect as this larger class of fish can run the river rather more easily.
Sue C on Upper Sviats
Middle Varzuga had an excellent day and finished with 123 to their 12 rods.  All of the rods did well and Mark J, on his first trip here, had his best day when landing 8.  Clarkes was the top producing pool with 34 taken from it over the two sessions either side of lunch.
In the evening we flew over to Kitza to do the mid-week changeover.  The river is very high and quite dirty but the rods who are now here at Lower said that it had cleared considerably over the past 3 days and hopefully it will start to clear and drop rather more quickly now that all of the snow has gone.  

David D on Jannaways
In a slightly unlikely twist, the big celebration of the day came from Kitza where Carolann M landed her first ever fish.  She is fishing with her father whose one aim of the week was to ensure that she landed at least one – he wasn’t to know that she would do so before him!  He rectified the imbalance by going straight out to Heli pool as soon as we got back from Kitza and landed a fish after about 5 minutes to ensure that honours were even.
Ken B with one from the bottom of Heli
It is another hot day but with three different people landing fish before dinner and one landed this morning, it feels as if we are getting back to where we would hope to be.

Charlie White