Wednesday 17 June 2015

Family and Friends

There is more to a fishing trip than just the fish. Yes, I know, landing a few salmon is what brings you to this remote, wonderful wilderness - but it is also about family and friends and just simple fun and happy times.

Father and son
This week we have long standing teams in all the camps. Up at Pana Charlie T has taken on his father’s mantle and the team, in various guises and with a few changes over the years has been with us since 1991. Likewise here at Middle Camp G de S and Rodolphe C and family have been here since 2003. Over at Kitza too Richard G and the team have many, many years under their belt.

Ian S - a grey, damp morning
Yesterday morning was pretty grim; cold, windy, grey and damp. Terry decided that lunch should be back at the Lodge and we all dried out by the fire for an hour or so. The banya was started up and by the evening the weather had cleared a bit, enough for us to have one of our casting evenings, testing and experimenting with all the rods down by the boats – while in the background Harry and Guillaume were trying for pike with my spinning rod.

Harry and Tim
I do not have a score for you from Pana, the radio reception last night and this morning was poor, Toby sent through a text from his Sat phone – so I know that Beanie wants corn flower for next week, but he forgot to tell me how the fishing went! One assumes it was pretty good.

Banya Time
Kitza had another solid day with 36 salmon landed and we matched that exactly here on the Middle beat with Ian again leading the board with eight and Michel L landing his first ever salmon. Not our best day in pure salmon fishing terms but a really relaxed and fun day with family and friends – what more could you wish for.

Christopher Robinson