Tuesday 16 June 2015


Sunday was a perfect Kola day – blue sky with high, fluffy white clouds and a light wind. Just heaven. Yesterday was somewhat different – grey, closed in and really wet and windy. Terry organized the banya to warm people up on return and once rumour of its lighting reached our damp guests most made an early return to the warmth back at camp.
Sunday weather
The wind in the morning was such that Ian and Chris gave up trying to fish Party Pool – it was a real struggle even for Ian who knows what he is doing – so they moved upstream to the relative shelter of Clarkes and R’s Folly.
High water for mid June - fishing Robinson's Folly yesterday
I met them there after lunch and our plans of using surface flies were soon dashed. Firstly the river is still too high to fish right on the surface with any real confidence and secondly the weather was so foul that it seemed like a day for heavier flies and getting down to the fish. Chris ended up with eight salmon for the day – his best ever days salmon fishing.
Monday weather
By 17:30 most of the team were back in and heading either for the Lodge fire or the banya. Overall it was a better days fishing than Sunday and we landed 33 salmon. But it was a bit spotty, some did well, others did not. This theme was repeated in both Pana and Kitza. Up at Pana they landed 46 fish, Charlie T had a bonanza with 17 of them; Nicholas B had a wonderful salmon of 17lbs from Tern Pool. Kitza reported 36 salmon for the day, again the catches were not very evenly spread, Richard G had 12 of the total.
Chris with one of his eight salmon in the day
This morning has dawned damp and cool. The air temperature is 7⁰C and there is an uninviting chill to the day. That said our spirits were lifted at breakfast as Ian S came in with the good news that he had landed two and lost two in Generator in an hour or so. The river is still steady, no real rise yet after yesterday’s rain and 11⁰C. With this water level and the ground really wet it is looking good for next week from a boating point of view – but I still cannot help wishing we had a tad less of it!

Christopher Robinson