Wednesday 3 June 2015

Kitza changeover

We run two weeks of the season where the rods at Lower Varzuga and Kitza swap over after 3 days of fishing. Everyone comments that it feels more like two trips as after the changeover it seems as if you have started a new holiday. The same was true last night. After the mandatory "how did you get on" between the rods changing camps, we flew back to Lower and everyone was raring to try the new water.

Not a bad idea as it turns out as Bruce B and Brendan G have managed to land 16 fish between them before they have set eyes on their guide this morning.

Lucy M on Kitza
Yesterday was a good day across all of the camps but the wind in the afternoon made life much harder than we would have preferred.

The 12 rods at Middle Varzuga finished their day with 75 fish in the book. Alan S and Jeremy H had 8 fish apiece to be the top rods which probably demonstrates how evenly the catches were spread.

Jamie K with his guide at Lower, Sergei
Pana continues to impress and the 8 rods there finished with an even 50 fish recorded. Benjamin B landed the biggest fish of the season so far from Choppy. 21lbs of silver was the perfect way to start the day but in a continuing theme, they lost lots of fish and the action was fast and furious.

The 10 rods who flew to Kitza last night finished with 32 for their last day at Lower. Tom M and Jamie K were the top rods with 7 and 6 fish respectively. We had a really productive morning but struggled with the upstream wind after lunch.

Tudor D on Jannaways
 "Every day was better than the last which is quite something given that the first day was the best day of my fishing life" was one of the comments from the rods we picked up at Kitza. They had ended with 38 in the book with William P-S landing 7 of them. They landed fish all the way up to Rackmans and it is simply stunning up there at the moment.

Tolik in a familiar pose
This morning is not so stunning with very heavy rain. Lunch will be back at camp as opposed to our normal picnic on the bank which can mean a later start to the afternoon than normal but with Brendan and Bruce determined to make the most of it, it seems unlikely that we will be delayed for too long.

Charlie White