Friday 5 June 2015

Power cut

Yesterday was a really good day over all of the camps. Middle had their best day of the week and finished on 108 fish to their 12 rods. I asked Terry who had stood out from the crowd in terms of bigger catches etc and he simply replied "everybody" which was a nice sentiment but doesn’t help much!
William P-S on the Wires
Kitza also had their best day of the week and put 55 in the book. Tom M and Jamie K went all the way up to the top of the beat and fished their way down. Tom had a staggering day and finished with 18 to his rod.

Terry Malin, the Middle Varzuga manager
Pana is currently the model of consistency and they ended on 50 for their 8 rods. Ian S was the top rod with 15 fish in the day but with fish landed from Poachers Pines to Ponzoi, it looks very well set for the rest of the season.

Igor and Tolik ready for action this morning
Here at Lower we finished with 44 recorded. Bruce B and Brendan G continue to lead the way and furthermore have been out before breakfast and have already landed 6 between them. It has rained almost solidly for the past 24 hours but that has not a chance of dampening the spirits here and everyone has gone out with a real determination to make the most of the last day of the week.

Lucy M in a rare moment of sunshine yesterday
We are in the middle of a 36 hour power cut at Lower Varzuga at the moment. We have dusted off long forgotten generators and are all crowding around the one socket which has enough power to charge phones and computers. Radios are down and communication is by text so the fishing reports are a bit lighter than usual.

Our old generator - not something I expected us to be needing this season
That might also be the case over the weekend as on Saturday I am flying to Pana to spend some time in that camp. Bill Drury will be giving the fishing reports to Christopher Robinson who is currently in the UK and he will update the blog. I will be back on Tuesday when normal service should resume.

Charlie White