Thursday 4 June 2015

To Middle

Yesterday was a really changeable day in terms of the weather. Heavy showers were followed by blue skies which were then followed with monsoon like conditions. I managed to pick the key monsoon period to boat up to Middle to have dinner there. Over an inch fell in that hour and it is fair to say that I was quite pleased to get off the boat and into the warm dining room.

Lucy M with a lovely fish from Beach
The 12 rods there were in great spirits and we had a really good evening. They landed 96 for the day with David C the top rod on 15 fish. Donna’s theme was the 80’s with prawn cocktail as the starter, followed by roast pork and apple pie, all delicious and it was great to see everyone enjoying their week so much.

A full moon at 1am this morning
I got back at around 1am to find that most of our clients had gone to bed as a combination of wind and rain had meant a tiring day. We finished our day at Lower with 48 fish to the 9 rods.  John G-H is much missed and we look forward to seeing him next year. As predicted, Bruce B and Brendan G were our top rods but fish were caught from the top to the bottom of the beat.

Brendan G on the Wires last night
Kitza totalled 28 fish which was a bit slower than we might have expected. However, it sounds from the radio call this morning as if they got over that fact pretty quickly and a party in the kitchen went on into the very small hours of this morning. I could blame the radio reception but I think that the quiet voices that came through over the radio were more to do with a late night rather than atmospherics.

Kitza on Tuesday night - looks perfect
Pana carries on apace and they had a further 51 fish to their 8 rods. Benjamin B seems to be the man this week for the bigger fish and he took a cracking 16lber from Home pool. They have not started the float trip yet but Toby is seriously considering doing that either today or tomorrow as he boated up above camp yesterday and there are obviously fish all the way up there.

Michael G just before he flew to Kitza
This morning is grey and cold but Joe and Lucy M have been out early and landed a fish apiece before a slip and an exploded lifejacket put an end to that. Rearming took place during breakfast and everyone was at the boats on the dot of 9 o’clock, conscious that the week is flying by.

Charlie White