Sunday 22 May 2016


Saturday changeovers are always the busiest day of the week and yesterday was no exception.  We left here in glorious sunshine and arrived in Murmansk to be greeted with temperatures of 26 degrees and it seemed as if the heatwave was here to stay.

Terry and Tony C on Clark's
After saying goodbyes to the departing rods, it was not long before we got the call from the immigration officers to let us know that our new clients were coming in.   It is always a good sight to see everyone coming through the customs doors and catch up with people who have been coming here for years and also to see some new faces.

Playing another on Clark's
The talk was of the unseasonably warm weather and jokingly I said that, not to worry, the blog prediction was for the weather to change given that we had new clients coming.   Two hours later we arrived to the camps in pouring rain and a really cold wind!

It seemed to herald the longed for change but sadly it was fairly short lived and this morning things are back to normal with soaring temperatures and blue skies.  The prescience of the blog, lauded last night, has now been given short shrift.

Tim T on Duck
On speaking to the departing rods it was clear that their week had been full of fun and action.  Middle Varzuga finished on 342 fish for the 10 rods and Lower recorded 253 for initially 10 rods and then we dropped to 9 as Yuri had to leave.

It was a great week with lots of laughs and it was sad to see them go but as ever, things move apace up here and it was not long before new rods, new waders and seemingly millions of flies were being scrutinised, weighed in hands and held up to the light.

Jeremy, Boo and Sergei in the bright sunshine this morning
Stephen T was not too fussed about all of that and simply went out and caught 3 fish before dinner whilst Craig P has landed 2 fish on his new 18ft, beast of a rod before breakfast so we are looking in good shape for the week ahead.

Over at Kitza the best news was that the first fish of the year was landed by Findlay F who is over here for his 21st birthday present.  A great way to christen the season and they went on to land 8 fish before Fiona called them in to dinner.

More tomorrow when no doubt we will have lived through all four seasons in one day.

Charlie White