Tuesday 31 May 2016

Middle on top

Middle Varzuga has historically been our most productive camp and yesterday saw normal order restored.  Terry was very enthusiastic last night but as is often the case, he could not pin down final numbers as most rods were still fishing at our 7:40pm phone call.
Ginny with a good fish before she tried her new reel
This morning he has got around to them all and 67 fish were recorded for the day.  Paul C was top rod with 14 of those whilst Chris C finished on 9 to his rod.  I am not really sure why they had such a better day than the day before but it was noticeably cooler which must have helped.

The curious cub
Pana also had a good day with Bill P in particular having a great time landing 11 from a total of 42. Interestingly, Toby reported that it was the lower beats and Ponsoi especially that were the most productive and that for whatever reason; they caught very few after lunch.  Perhaps a very busy morning led to a very long lunch?

Tom M on Heli
Here at Lower it was harder and we finished the day with 10 fish to our team.   Phil B landed his first Russian salmon in the morning and went on to have 2 more in the afternoon whilst Ginny W landed fish but also lost her entire fly line from her new reel.  The first fish she hooked took her well into the backing and very soon it became horribly clear that the fly line was only partially attached to the backing and it was not long before it all came unstuck – look out Sportfish!

Picnic lunch at Jannaways
Kitza had another solid day with 38 fish recorded.  It all sounds rather even but Brendan G, who has lost all concept of needing food or sleep, managed to land 16 of those.  Tristan P-S took his tally of lifetime salmon to 4 having landed a further 3 more yesterday and it sounded like a very happy camp.

Jamie K's lucky mascot chalking up a new destination
It is cooler, more overcast and there is just a hint of some rain around so will this be the longed for break in the weather?  We hope so.

Charlie White