Monday 30 May 2016

Pana top scores

One of the most interesting debates we have had this year has been to examine what impact the early break of ice and the hot weather will have had on the run of fish.  Many people, who have fished the river for years, believe that the conditions are largely irrelevant and that the fish tend to run according to dates, whilst others believe that the salmon are pretty much in the White Sea estuary by late April/early May and then run according to weather conditions.

Ginny W yesterday. Somehow, Feoder managed to get his boat below Bear Island so not everyone had to walk
It would seem that this year at least, it is the latter view that is proving correct.   Pana camp is 80 miles north of here and historically we would expect the opening week to do well but that their catch numbers would rise every day as more and more fish reach them.  Yesterday the 7 rods landed 54 fish to be the top scoring camp.

Tudor D wading the "Molyneux Line" on Sabacci Rapids
As if to emphasise the point that the fish are really through the system, Arnaud and Didier F-M went above camp (historically we only do this half way through the second week) and had an amazing morning.  They landed 10 fish from the Ford pool and finished with 24 between them for the day.

Great news for them and just reward in some sense as they have sometimes had a tough opening week when we have had high and cold water.

  After landing 1,500 fish to his own rod from the river, you might not expect Peter to look so surprised!
Kitza also had a good day with 36 landed to the 10 rods.  Brendan G and Bruce B were top rods with 9 and 7 apiece while Tristan P-S landed his first ever salmon on a fly.  Ollie sounded pretty ropey this morning and I think that the toasts went on well into the night.

Middle did well enough but it was a tough day by their standards.  38 fish were recorded to the 12 rods but it was the father and son team of David and Stephen C who led the way by landing 14 of those whilst enjoying a salmon BBQ in the gorgeous surroundings of Royal Dee and Scott’s – it would be difficult to better that day.

Stephen C on Middle last week
Where there is a Yin there is a Yang and Pana’s gain is perhaps at our expense here at Lower.  We struggled to 13 fish between us and it was hard going in the searing and tiring heat.  We are fortunate to have many people who have seen this river in better shape before and know what it is capable of whilst understanding that we are experiencing freak conditions.

Today is bright again but it is just slightly colder and those on the river this morning saw plenty of fresh fish coming through so we hope that a new run has come in overnight.

Charlie White