Thursday 2 June 2016

A quick update

A short blog today as we are in the middle of a power cut and access to computers is not deemed vital enough!

Middle was again the top camp yesterday with 41 landed.  Chris C was the top rod but Paul C pushed him to the wire.
Brendan last night
Kitza did well with 32 fish in the book over there.  They finished their day with a trip to the White Sea which is always a fantastic experience.  Taking the boats down and having a drink or two at the “end of the world” is something that has to be experienced.

Brendan this morning
Pana had a slower day in terms of fish landed but it sounded as if there was plenty of action.  22 were recorded with plenty lost along the way but Joe M held firm to land 8 to his rod.

It was almost intolerably hot yesterday and as I walked from the bottom of our beat back to camp I reflected that it was not every day you are treated to your own personal sauna whilst walking in your waders.   12 fish was our tally for the day with Beach proving the best beat.  There are still fresh fish coming in but you have to be there to intercept them.
Yes, I have been paid handsomely to make this a Brendan day...
More tomorrow when hopefully I will not be shouted at for taking up precious generator time.

Charlie White