Tuesday 13 June 2017

A little pick me up

This morning the weather has switched from sunny to over cast again. Yesterday with an overcast start we saw a good morning of fishing compared to Sunday and the team landed 8 by lunch. Special mention to Michael G with a cracking fish of about 9lbs and another of around 5lbs. We are still not seeing anything in the 3-4lbs class that I have been expecting so let’s hope these are still to run due to the high and comparatively cold water.  

Michael G's fish
Middle had a good morning with plenty of fishing and once again Kevin and Karen C had a lovely time landing 11 fish from Birthday. The afternoon was slow in comparison to the morning and the camp ended the day on 30. It seems there was quite a party the night before so to have a good morning is a strong effort.

Things are really starting to green up
Pana landed 7 fish yesterday which although not spectacular by Pana standards is steps in the right direction. The river continues to drop and seems to be dropping around 6 inches each night so very encouraging.

A quick team talk on the Pana balcony
Finally with the snow now totally gone and the bogs beginning to diminish on the paths Lucy joined me for the walk down to Spey Bank and beyond. She has been working extremely hard to look after all our clients but has essentially been confined to about 100 square meters of camp for some weeks and really enjoyed seeing the beautiful river bank path heading down river.

Late afternoon at Reel Pool on Kitza
She was a little nervous about bears walking back on her own but she was back in the kitchen cooking supper on my return. I’m sure the bears would be more scared of her…

Bill P's beautiful fish from last week
Today I am confident that we will see a good few fish to the net.

Jack Selby