Wednesday 14 June 2017

Water is still dropping

Yesterday at Kitza the river continued to drop and we are now below the point at which the marker stick went in. I hope to have to move it soon as the water will drop below the bottom of the scale.

Whilst the dropping river is great news the water temperature remains between 5 and 6 degrees so we are still fishing pretty heavy tips and tubes. Black and Yellow and Willie Gunns on copper tubes seem to be most popular along with Ian B’s Special Red Tube.

Michael G does it again in Heli Pool
The dropping river however did not equate to more fish and we landed 6 fish including another nice fish for Michael G in Heli. Theories abound but it’s very hard to speculate on what causes mother nature to offer what she does. We must play the hand we have been dealt and work hard.

Over at Pana they had 14 fish for the day which is a great improvement indeed. Beany caught one in Home Pool too. Certainly sounds like they have more fish arriving now which is a huge relief.

Charlie T and his family have been coming to Pana from the beginning with teams of clients and yesterday they popped open the champagne to celebrate the 10,000 fish caught in their week since the beginning. Impressive statistics.

Fishing down the true left of 3rd Island
Middle had a good morning with 16 fish landed and Paul d S landing a spanking fresh fish. They ended the day on 29 fish with some serious time put in on the river after hours.

Helo arriving at Pana
It was a mixed bag really and I’m not sure quite why. The conditions were perfectly good despite a bit of wind but still nothing was spectacular. Maybe today will see this changed.

Jack M fishes the sweet spot on Kitza's Heli Pool
This morning it is overcast with a little light rain. We are down to -2.5” on the gauge and still dropping. Pools are beginning to define and structure show through. Things are looking up and Ian B has promised me today is the day.

Jack Selby