Sunday 20 May 2018

A round up

Last week was a classic opening week.  High water with catches improving every day and bigger fish being landed. 

So bright it dazzled him...
Lower fished well on Friday and we finished with 91 for the week.  Not epic by Varzuga standards but still a great week.  Middle had another very good day but fell just short of the 400 mark.  392 really good fish to 11 rods was a fantastic result and it was clear in Murmansk that they had all really enjoyed it.
One from Peartiha
It was very smooth through the airport yesterday and everyone was in their respective camps by around 2pm.  After a very early morning start in Helsinki, many were quite tired but most had a crack at the river.
Jonatha B on Moscoi
At Kitza, the first 5 fish of the season were landed whilst at Middle they had 11 for their short afternoon.  At Lower we had 5 on the bank as well as a rod broken whilst playing another fish.

Fish have been landed this morning across all of the camps although a very cold morning probably didn’t help productivity and it was ones and twos rather than more than that.

Rob T with another lovely fish from Clarks
It was very bright first thing but it is now rather overcast and so we hope that the first day of the week is set up nicely.

Charlie White