Friday 25 May 2018

Different day, similar outcome

At the risk of being unoriginal, I must admit that I could pretty much “cut and paste” yesterday’s blog and put it on here today with a few different photos.

Bursts of action followed by fallow periods with very fresh fish being landed.  The water is dropping away nicely and it is now 12 degrees on Varzuga whilst it is at 8 degrees at Kitza.  On Varzuga we are fishing floaters and intermediates but they are still fishing T-10/14 over on Kitza.  Small aluminum tubes and doubles in sizes 8-10 are now the most common.

Roddy C on Mall
Lower Varzuga landed 29 yesterday with Anders H responsible for 9 of those from Bear Corner and Green Bank.  Jamie H and Roddy C had a really busy session on Bear Island which resulted in 3 double hook ups but sadly the final photo was missing as the vital one was lost each time.

Jamie H on Bear Island
A trip to the village after fishing was a great success and was fascinating as per usual.  It is difficult to comprehend how tough it must be in winter here and leaving a very comfortable lodge to get a small insight into our Russian friend’s lives is always worthwhile.

It was steady away at Kitza with 14 landed – all the way from Deluxe to Third Island.  Joan G was the top rod as is often the case but it was all a bit slower than we would hope.

Sean O'D with one from the boat up at Middle
Middle Varzuga had a carbon copy day of Wednesday but instead of landing 41, they landed 42.  Pretty evenly spread across all of the beats and you just needed to be there when the pods ran through.

Mark J with another
It is a really warm morning today and I have a feeling that it might be more productive to come up the water column a touch.  Over breakfast there were several people keen to try a skated fly and we hope that is productive. 

As per normal, there will be no blog tomorrow as we fly to Murmansk to change over guests and I will round up this past week on Sunday.

Charlie White