Thursday 24 May 2018

Lynsey Mair, take a bow

I am not quite sure what to make of yesterday.  We landed 79 salmon across the camps to 29 rods – sounds good I know but there is a nagging feeling that it should have been more.

Jack, Ollie and Bill all reported that fish were running hard through their respective beats and it was more a question of being in the right place at the right time rather than fish being in all beats.

Lynsey on Green Bank - still high water as you can see
Here at Lower we had 25 of those but perhaps the 2 most important fish were landed by Lynsey Mair.  Whilst Lynsey has landed fish before, these were the first “unassisted” fish she has caught and for someone who has barely fished before it was a great achievement.   Anders H landed 6, whilst Jamie H and Bill McS had 5 and 4 respectively.

One from the boat 
Kitza landed 13 fish to their rods with Marc W and Graham J at the top of score sheet once more.  Ollie reported seeing many more fish in their lower reaches but for whatever reason, they were difficult to connect with.

Jamie H on Bear Corner
Middle had 41 and it was very much a case of everyone chipping in.  They are seeing pods of fish and having action for a bit and then it goes slow again.  It is strange in that we are now picking up masses of kelts which we would have expected to have been gone by now – maybe it is just a later season than we would expect given the conditions.

Mark J 
After a curious case of the home pools not really producing so far at Middle, they have landed 8 fish this morning before breakfast and Jack reported that everyone was in their waders in record time as the rods are keen to make the most of what we hope may be a better day.

Good to see Big Misha guiding again, looking healthy and well
It is the same here with Jamie H landing one from the Heli pool before coming in for his cooked breakfast and despite a fairly heavy night; the team are raring to go.

Charlie White