Thursday 31 May 2018

In haste

Apologies for a short blog but today is the first day of no boats here at Lower and whilst we have done it loads of time before and everyone knows what they are doing, being in the office whilst everyone else is putting on rucksacks and carrying bags, is not the place to be.

Fred G
Kitza had a fantastic day yesterday but it was tough elsewhere.  36 fish at Kitza was the final score with fresh fish coming in all the time and a lot of action had by everyone although Geoff F was the top rod with 9 whilst Philip B had 6 of them.

At Lower we had 7 fish but in truth the day was rather dominated by other events and we wish Hamish M well on his long journey home.

Andy P 
Middle had 20 – not good by our standards but having snow, sleet, rain, sun and hail all in the same day probably didn’t help.

Pana finished on 14 with Ponzoi the most productive pool as we would expect.

Now back to packing that drinks bag…

Charlie White