Sunday 27 May 2018

464 fish for the week

Last week was a lot of fun in all of the camps with many returning guests and a smattering of new clients keen to see what the Varzuga can offer.

As is often the case, the returning clients had a bit of a head start knowing the river as they do and there is no doubt that at the start of the week, all of the beats looked quite intimidating with high water.  With temperatures into the high twenties and not a drop of rain, the river has fallen hugely and whilst still wide, it now looks more than approachable.

Anders H with a good one from Bear Corner
The 12 rods at Middle finished on 229 beautifully fresh salmon for their week.  If you have not been out here I appreciate that this sounds practically easy fishing but I can assure you that this is not the case.  All of the rods worked hard for their rewards and there were some happy but very tired faces in Murmansk yesterday.
Sean O'D
The 8 rods who started at Lower and then went over to Kitza for their final 3 days landed 109 fish whilst the “opposing” team landed 128. 

Perhaps the best comment I heard yesterday was from Alex A who landed his first ever salmon and then went on to land and lose several more.  With a foreboding tone he acknowledged “I am afraid you have me hooked now”.  After several fruitless outings in Scotland, just to be in touch with fish has turned his salmon fishing world upside down – just what we hope to see.

Roddy C on Beach
After a rather disjointed journey all of the new guests were in camp in time to have a bit of fishing before dinner and several went out this morning before breakfast.  Fish were landed across all of the beats and in that I include the first fish of the season from Pana – a stunning 13lber for Hans K just outside of the lodge.  The Spanish team had a tough time last year with very high and very cold conditions and we wish them well this week as I think they could have a really good time.

Middle Varzuga in the sun yesterday
For the first time this season, it is bitterly cold this morning and I think we will be having lunch back at camp rather than our standard picnic on the bank.  With 5 fish being landed before breakfast here this morning, the guides had to make sure they were on time as everyone was pretty quick to eat and get into their waders.

Charlie White