Friday 1 June 2018

Same again

Yesterday was pretty much exactly the same as the day before although with the weather changing every five minutes, nothing feels stable or settled.

Vito with one of Alan S's fish from Middle
We had a tough day at Lower and landed 10 fish but the way those fish were spread meant that everyone felt as though as they were in with a chance.  We have a really fun team here at the moment and last night descended fairly rapidly into a vodka vortex.  Whilst everyone was physically at breakfast this morning, there was quite a lot of vacant space and today will feel like a long day.

The guides at Lower - Sergei took the photo so is missing
Kitza again was the best of the camps with 27 fish for their 9 rods.  Brad B had his best day on the river landing 8 of those from Spey Bank and Beaver Pit whilst Jamie K continued his good week by landing 5 more.

At Middle Varzuga it was more of the same with 22 fish landed.  It is a bit odd in that they are not finding nearly as many fish as we would expect but equally their numbers are not decreasing at all – you would expect one or the other.
Bob C on Heli
Jack said that they saw a lot more fish yesterday which chimed with our experience here but it does feel as if they are running very hard in this low water and they are more difficult to hook than they have been at other times of the season.

Andy P with another
Pana also surprised us in that they had 7 for the day.  Matt reported a bitterly cold day up there (it is 80 miles north of where I am sitting) and he felt that this sudden change had affected them adversely.  You would expect their number to increase every day and it will be interesting to see how they get on today.

We woke to bright skies and now it is raining – you can certainly never got bored of the weather up here! It is up to Murmansk tomorrow and so there will be no blog until Sunday when I will round up the week.

Charlie White