Thursday 13 May 2010

Another warm day - river up

Yet another hazy, warm, still day. Almost 15°C at one point. I’m writing this at 23.30 here, it is still 10°C! The new guys on the advance party are giving me grief for telling them to bring gloves, thermals and warm hats. The streams are gushing off the Tundra and snow melting fast. The river continues to rise and has a touch of dirt in it. Up to 2°C this afternoon. I would expect (hope!) it to level off in the next 24 hours and then start a steady fall; we could do without any rain.

Middle Camp in the sun today
The change in a week is noticeable up here. On Monday one Pied Wagtail arrived in camp, yesterday three others arrived. They have restored themselves feasting on the enormous stone fly hatches. We saw our first Arctic Tern yesterday, and of course the Mergansers have arrived in preparation for the prolific smolt run that will start any day now.

The Ravens that nest opposite the Lower Camp arrived this morning and made a tremendous racket. We saw the Fish Eagles yesterday at Middle and a mass of waders and ducks along the banks, all heading North. The whole place is waking up fast.

Meanwhile the rush to get things done continues; the building crew insist on playing Russian disco music at 1,000 decibels, while wielding chain saws and drills – we all have headaches. I was quite envious of Donna, Garth and Dave who went back up to the peace of Middle today to continue preparations there.

Jessie James (Lower Manger) at work - the ear plugs are to drown out the Russian Disco music

Not much to report on the fishing front I’m afraid, we have had our heads down. If I had had a chance it would have been a fast or very fast sinking tip and a biggish fly.

I’m going to Murmansk tomorrow afternoon (Friday), then to UK on Saturday. Charlie White is coming up on Saturday with the first team. Between us we’ll try and keep you updated until he has his feet ‘on the bank’ here. The news can then turn to more ‘fishy stuff’ as we start getting into serious fishing.

Christopher Robinson