Tuesday 11 May 2010

Work continues

It is still foggy, windless and surprisingly warm. The air temp today is around 10°C, which is considered pretty balmy for mid May up here. There is still quite a melt going on and the river has come up some 6” or so in 24 hours, ice is now being moved off the banks and it is definitely not a day for wading – another deterrent is a water temp of 1°C.

The first week is going to see high, cold water – nothing new but a reminder to those coming on Saturday.

A rise like this is welcomed, it helps to clear the banks before we start fishing in earnest in five days time.

Garth and Jesse gave it a go for an hour in the deep pot where we park the boats at the start of the season. They both lost fish and had a sea-trout on medium sink rate tips and 1 ½" brass tubes. The Russians offered us some of their salmon soup and the use of a large Toby – the former we accepted, the latter we regretfully declined.

Today we have not had a chance, but I guess might give it a go after supper if the air temp stays up.

Work here in the Lower Camp continues apace. The main lodge new floor is finished as are the ceilings and walls. New windows are going in today. We now have two bore holes – so no frozen pipes down to the river, and a new electricity supply.

Tomorrow we will take a boat up to Middle Camp. Big Misha is already there with the usual crew and first reports are that the camp is in good order (we might sneak a rod in and see if we can report on Bear Pool).

Christopher Robinson