Monday 10 May 2010

Advance party arrive on the Varzuga

It is quite a haul from UK, but three of the seven us on the Advance Party have come a lot further. Garth Hovell from Zambia, Dave Deardroff from Denver USA and Jenna Viney from South Africa all flew in to meet up at Heathrow on Saturday morning. We came in via Finland and then overland by car to meet the four wheel drive trucks needed to get us to the village. Finally by boat down to the lower camp arriving in twilight and pouring rain!

We were delighted to find the river running at a normal ‘melt’ height with only small icebergs to trouble us. There is not much snow on the banks but there are the usual icebergs stranded after the initial flood of 4 and 5 May. The water temp is a chilly 1°C, the weather last night and today is damp, foggy and still with the air about 8°C.

We are spending today starting to get kit unpacked and the boats in the water. There is also a huge work force of locals here upgrading the main dining room and sitting room and putting in a new kitchen. More on that tomorrow.

We have given ourselves a long list of jobs to do today before rewarding ourselves with a cast or two this evening; I hope we can report success, the fish are here, the Russians had one for lunch!