Saturday 15 May 2010

Blazing sunshine, a big river and the first fish landed

After a very easy journey through Murmansk, our first clients got to camp by 3pm which must be some kind of record.

We arrived in stunning sunshine to a camp which is looking great after so many improvements over the winter and the spring
Bright sunshine and snow

Flying over the tundra revealed that a week of hot sunshine has melted most of the snow but the lakes remain covered in ice, a reminder that the weather has not been so kindly throughout. The river is certainly high but the feeder streams do not seem to be carrying much sediment and whilst it is the peat stained river we expect it is certainly not dirty.

The clients have just come back having had a quick flick to get their casting arms back into the groove and between the 5 rods fishing they had 4 fish in just over an hour. Brian Fratel appointed himself as a guide for this session but I am not sure how long he will last without having to have a cast.
Typically I arrived at each client just after they had caught a fish but the pictures should give you an idea of the river and the sun. The water temperature is up to 5 degrees and it is currently 20 degrees (at 8pm) so the river may keep rising for a little while.

More tomorrow from what feels more like the Costa Del Sol than the Russian Arctic (that may come back to haunt me!)
Charlie White