Sunday 1 June 2014

A new week

Last week saw some simply incredible fishing.  Flying up to Murmansk yesterday with the team from Middle was great fun as we shouted to each other over the helicopter noise about their fishing and the overall experience that they had had.

The 12 rods ended with 1,309 fish recorded in the book along with countless other battles that did not end with the fish in the net.  It was not their record total but it was extremely close and after 2012, we never really expected to get near that figure again – to do so was a real testament to the strength of the run this season.
Lucy M with a fabulous fish from Bear Island
Inevitably some personal records were broken but you did not need to be at Middle for that to be the case.  The rods at Lower and Kitza (3 days on each beat with 10 rods per beat) finished with 749 salmon on the bank with personal bests being broken every day.
Joe M with a pretty good one of his own from the Mall
Perhaps unusually in a year where we have had such a late break, the rods who started at Kitza tallied more than those who came to Lower first.  Kitza is lake fed and that colder water tends to mean that their main run is 3 to 4 days after Lower (which is why we fish Lower only in the first week of the season) but last week that was not the case.  One of those strange anomalies that simply reaffirm that strong predictions about salmon fishing are never a safe bet.
Roma in the bright sun which was a feature of part of last week
Pana steadily improved throughout the week but a final total of 23 to the 7 rods was disappointing.  Speaking to the rods at Murmansk it was clear that they had enjoyed their week but that the high water had simply made it very difficult for them to fish the beats properly and for the fish to reach them.  It has dropped markedly in the past couple of days and to prove the point, Karen R had one from Hippo Rock (just outside camp) and Dick B had 2 from Ivans last night so their week is off to a very good start.
Tom S raring to go this morning
Fog near the river caused us to be delayed in Murmansk yesterday and we did not get here until quite late so most rods had dinner and went to bed but Glynn D got up at 6am this morning and has landed 5 fish before coming in for breakfast.  It is not hard to imagine that this news meant that all of the rods were very prompt for the guides at 9am and with a bright sunny day to kick us off we are all looking forward to another excellent weeks fishing.
Charlie White