Wednesday 4 June 2014

A trip to Kitza

It is not every day that one of our cooks celebrates their 40th birthday so yesterday saw me going over to Kitza for Kate’s big day.  To get there from Lower requires a combination of two boat trips, a walk and a 40 minute drive along the White Sea coast – it was probably one of the most beautiful journeys I have ever taken.

It was great to catch up with the team over there and a combination of wonderful fishing and practically perfect conditions led to a very happy camp.  They landed 68 fish to their 8 rods with Julian P accounting for 13 of those.  Chic McS had 11 to his rod whilst Malcolm K had a cracking fish of around 17lbs from Boggy Bank. 
Douglas B on the Wires
I got back to Lower at around 3am expecting everyone to be in bed but a few hard core souls were still putting the world to rights and this morning is a little slow in camp.  We put a further 45 fish in the book yesterday with catches evenly spread across the rods but Ditch W landed 5 fish which was comfortably his best ever day.  Tom S and Jim C hit gold at Feorder’s Place and had a very busy afternoon as did Martin F on Beach where he had 4 fish in a frantic hour. 
Joe E on the Beach
The 8 rods at Pana are making the most of the main run of fish getting to them and they landed 53 fish.  Alan M, on his first trip up here, landed a 20lber from Ponzoi which is the biggest of the season so far whilst Jack M had a great session on Ivan’s and landed 9 in just two hours.
The fishing at Middle Varzuga continues apace and 141 fish were put in the book.  Normally two or three rods do rather better than others but yesterday was  a very even day and the highest individual rod catch was 14 which demonstrates that fish are equally spread across all of the beats.
Martin F on 39 Steps
Whilst some struggled to get up this morning, Jonathan K was on the river at 7am.  3 fish before breakfast showed what was possible and on a day where we have yet more clear skies, even the most tired of rods have gone out with a determination to make the most of the river whilst it is in perfect shape.

Charlie White