Thursday 5 June 2014

Up to Middle

Every season it seems as if we close the Lower camp too early but this year it will be especially true.  As we stood on Beach yesterday, which is at the bottom of our beat, watching fish after fish head and tail and jump clear of the water, it was clear that there are still a huge number of fresh fish coming in and to close this camp on Saturday will be a real shame.
Jim C on Wires in the morning
After fishing, I went up to Middle Varzuga to see the team there and they are making the most of this year’s very strong run.  A further 158 were added to their total which now amounts to over 650 fish to the12 rods over the past 4 days.  JP Camozzi landed 17 of those and his father, Achille, had a great fish of around 17-18lbs which was yet another one of these bigger fish that we have enjoyed seeing this season.  As ever, Clarkes has fished really well and the home pools of Generator and Bear are wonderfully reliable.

Matthew R at Middle
After a delicious dinner we boated back in the midnight sun and I arrived to find the camp pretty quiet as the previous night’s activities had eventually taken their toll.  We finished with 44 for the day with Jonathan K having a great couple of sessions and he landed 12 to his rod.  It has been great to see the improvement in everyone’s casting and fishing ability as they pick up tips from Eoin Fairgrieve and Bill Drury.  Eoin and Bill have an uncanny knack of diagnosing faults and seem to be able to put them right with just one or two small adjustments.  They are great people to have around camp and the chance to actually catch fish whilst also benefitting from expert tuition does make the week a lot of fun.
Douglas B with one from Feorder's Place
Pana had another very good day and had another 39 to the 8 rods.  Jack M was the top rod on 9 fish and they also reported losing roughly the same number again.  We have had days like this all season when fish just don’t seem to stick, you can’t win them all is probably the message.

However at Kitza, winning practically everything appeared to be the order of the day.  The 8 rods landed 92 fish between them with top scorers being Julian P, Chic McS, Robin B and Malcolm K with 18,15,11 and 11 fish respectively.   As if their day could not get any better, they then saw 3 bears just opposite camp which hung around for 10 minutes to thrill everyone and to round off a memorable day.
Martin F on Duck
Almost inevitably it is another very hot day today but just as inevitably Glynn D has landed a fish before breakfast and with a slightly steadier night behind them, all of the rods were on the river at 9, conscious that the week is going far too quickly.

Charlie White