Tuesday 3 June 2014

Perfect conditions

“If I don’t catch another fish all week I will still have had the best week of my life” was one comment at lunch yesterday.  When the fishing and the weather combine as they have over the past two days, all you really want it to do is to carry on without any form of change.  It is really warm, the fish are still piling in and the numbers of fish being landed are truly excellent.

At Pana, the team landed 47 with Karen R and Jack M sharing top rod honours with 9 apiece.  They had quite a few fish from Rock Face and also from Ivan’s stream so this morning we discussed the possibility of soon trying the float trip whereby two rods and their guide are dropped off high up river to fish their way back to camp with a small inflatable to do the hard work.  I suspect this will be tried in the next day or so as more and more fish get above the camp.
Mark A with one of 6 he had from Bear Corner
Kitza had another really good day with the 8 rods finishing on 56.  Julian P and Chic McS led the way with 13 and 11 respectively but perhaps the best day was had by David P and Tom, the camp manager.  They took a boat all the way up to the first lake (about 8 miles above camp) and fished their way back.  They landed a couple of fish at Rackmans but it is so beautiful up there that numbers of fish were slightly irrelevant.
Glynn D with a deep fish from Bear Island
Middle shows no sign of slowing down and another 161 have been put in the book in the past 24 hours.   Again, it was Lawrence L, Ian H and John M who were the stand out performers with 22,21 and 20 fish but James MacP was not exactly out of the running having landed 15 to his rod for the day.  They are fishing hard but when the fishing is this productive it seems only sensible to make the most of it.
Michael K on Larder in the morning
At Lower we had a great day and finished on 61 between the team.  Mark A had a purple patch and landed 6 from Bear Corner in the morning whilst Glynn D consistently picked up fish all day to finish on 9 and Jim C had 7 for his day.  A few bigger fish were amongst our tally yesterday, a theme across all of the camps.
Ditch W on the Wires in the afternoon
The water temperature is 10c this morning and although we are not quite on floating lines yet, it surely won’t be long.  In the meantime, intermediate tips, size 6 flies and longer leaders are the best combination.  Clear blues skies, a light breeze and a falling river are what greet us this morning – not exactly a bad way to start the day so we hope for more of the same.
Charlie White