Wednesday 10 June 2015

Back from Pana

Well that was fun. Three days in the simply glorious surroundings of Pana with clients who know it so well. In truth, the water is too high for it to be at its best but it is such a stunning camp in utter tranquillity that it seems picky to say that it could be any better.

Paul C with one from the Indel
I left Lower Varzuga on Saturday to fly to Murmansk and on the way it was obvious that all of the feeder streams had pretty much dried up and you would expect the river to drop quite quickly. However, some serious rain in the past couple of days has changed the game and as I flew back in yesterday, I could see Sobacci stream running very high and all of the smaller burns are also pumping water into the system. All of which has meant that we are faced with a rising and quite dirty river – not ideal.
Beany - not about to be put off by the rain on Sunday
That was slightly evident in the catches yesterday but as ever, you cannot help but be amazed as to how many fish we actually do catch in conditions that should write everything off.

Pana finished with 27 to the 8 rods which was lower than we would hope but not much is going to get in the way of the team enjoying themselves. Paul C had 4 fish from the Indel before lunch and Jack M continues to catch fish in all sorts of circumstances.

Grant I on the Wires yesterday
Kitza had a better day and they put 36 in the book. Chic McS was the top rod with 9 but from this morning’s conversation on the radio it would seem harsh to expect too much from the rods today. A very major party took place last night and Ollie was not sure how many would make breakfast. I think he is underestimating the stamina of the team and my guess is that they will all be out on the river before too long.

Middle shows true consistency throughout the season and yesterday was no different. 64 fish to the 12 rods was the final tally with John M scoring 11 for his day. JP C also had a good day with 9 fish but it was very even otherwise.

Damian S all smiles after another fish from the Pana home pool
We had a rather tougher day at Lower as, being at the bottom of the system, we are more affected by the feeder streams but even so we still put 27 fish in the book. Barbara H had 4 for her day and remarked that she has been waiting all her life to catch more than two fish in a day and she has now done it three days in a row. We raised a glass (or 3) to David H as he landed a salmon that took him to 200 fish for his salmon fishing career which involves 20 different river and 6 different countries.

Keith C on Heli last night
It is a much better day today with very little wind and bright skies. This will help settle the river down and we should be on a more even keel before too long. Paul B has been out this morning to land two fish from Heli before breakfast and spirits are high – long may it continue.

Charlie White