Tuesday 9 June 2015

North Wind

It has not been the easiest start to the week from a weather point of view. After the rain on Sunday the wind has set itself in the North, and yesterday was strong enough to dampen a few spirits at the Lower Camp where, along with Middle the river is wider and more exposed. After dinner they all hunkered down by the fire in the Lodge and did not head out to Heli Pool – many spirits of a different sort were raised in ‘various toasts’ as Bill reported this morning!

Fishing Heli Pool at Lower in the wind
Pana had a another good day with the team of eight landing 43 salmon, Jack M had 14 of them fishing from the Old Bridge down to camp. Good news as it means the salmon are now right through the river system – pretty much on time; I always have 6 June in mind, so the cooler weather this year has not delayed them much.

Terry at Middle reported 62 fish for the day – a good result in the wind. Andy B did well with 16 to his rod. Kitza, for the first time in 10 days or so, had a tougher day as well and they reported 29 for the eight rods. Charlie has sent over another guitar – they have two now at Kitza – not sure if the legendry Kitza Kitchen Parties are playing a part in the score?
Grant I at Beach yesterday
Lower Camp struggled a bit and ended up with 21 – still, not exactly a disaster in salmon fishing terms. The wind has abated this morning although it looks like it is going to remain from the North for a day or two yet. The river is steady after the rain, but will commence its slow drop again shortly. Intermediate lines are the best at the moment, if we get some sun on the river the water temperature will soon be back up to over 12⁰C, so if you are coming next week make sure you have a floating line and also an intermediate tip.

Varzuga Village - potato patch ready to go
This morning Sasha went up to the village, the wind is drying the soil out and everyone is getting ready to plant the potato crop. Another sign that summer in Varzuga is not too far away.
Christopher Robinson