Thursday 11 June 2015

Dinner at Middle

Yesterday started with bright skies and a very light breeze. As the day went on it clouded over and we had the odd shower. It seems strange to make any sweeping statements about the weather this far north but it has, without doubt, been one of the wettest seasons I can remember.

Fortunately I picked a decent gap in the weather to boat up to Middle. Everyone up there was having a great time and they had had their best day of the week. 92 was their final score with top rods being John M and Hugo M – not the first time that this has happened.

Ivan at Middle - turning into a really top guide
It was a lovely evening on the way home and as is the case every year, it was hard not to feel slightly melancholic as we came down river. Three weeks goes too fast and I tried to ensure that I did not forget a single part of the journey so as to keep my memory banks going until I come back in September.

Leaving Middle.  The midnight sun still impresses
Over at Kitza the team finished with 34 fish in the book and again Chic was the top rod with 9 fish. The fishing has been very consistent and so has the evening entertainment. A missed radio call this morning leads me to conclude that Ollie has finally decided that if he can’t beat them he might as well join them!

The head of the police - Andrei
Pana had a better day with the river now finally dropping. 37 fish were recorded with notable mentions being Paul C’s fish of 16lbs from Ponzoi and Jack M taking 5 fish from the Ford in the morning, all of which were over 10lbs.

Toby Burrell - doing a great job managing Pana camp
I got back around midnight to find a very quiet camp as the previous evening had rather taken its toll. I am not sure it is fair to blame that on the fishing here but yesterday was a tough day. 15 fish were put in the book and it felt quite slow on the river. Any chance of glum faces at breakfast was instantly banished by Phillip T going out at 7am and landing 4 fish from Heli. With just today and tomorrow to fish until we close this camp, it is time to make the most of it.

Charlie White