Friday 27 May 2016

1,500 up

Yesterday was a rare day.  This is Peter W’s 15th season fishing the Middle Varzuga and he came out here this year with a target to hit and hit it he has.  He recorded 14 fish yesterday which took him to over 1,500 Varzuga salmon landed; an extraordinary achievement and a mind boggling average of fish caught per week.

Whilst they quite rightly toasted Peter, the other scores on the board were adding up and they finished with 62 for the day.
Geoff F in the sunshine on Larder
All the camps did well actually because after my gleeful, early morning weather report, it was not long before we reverted to type and the bright skies made an unwelcome reappearance.  With them  they bought a simply horrible upstream wind which made the afternoon particularly frustrating.

Graham J with one from the boat
Lower ended with 31 in the book but there was another milestone which we worked out only after supper.  Steve B has now landed 40 fish for his week and today it is his 40th birthday – a good and happy symmetry.

Cage, the dog with the eyes of a supermodel
Over at Kitza the team continues to land good numbers of fish.  46 was the score yesterday with Sue C leading the way on 8 fish to her rod whilst Craig P and Nigel W chased her up with 7 apiece.

The perfect specimen?
As ever the week seems to have flown by and tomorrow we will fly to Murmansk to wave goodbye to this team and to meet the new team coming in.  In truth, we need some rain or at least some colder weather to see the river at its best but so far this week we have landed more than 700 fish over the 3 camps and with plenty of fresh fish coming into the system every day, we have much to look forward to.

Charlie White