Thursday 26 May 2016

Rain, glorious rain

I might have been slightly over magnanimous yesterday when I said that I wouldn’t mind being soaking wet and freezing – it turns out that I did mind a bit!  A full day of rain, a cold wind and fish being caught all over the river has made it feel much more like the second week of the season.

Findlay F with a cracker from Beach
The reality is that it is going to take a huge amount of rain to actually lift the water levels but just to have a change in the weather feels like a huge step forward and means that we can concentrate on the fishing rather than the sunburn.

Bear Island, bottom left, before the rain set in
I got to Middle to find everyone in good spirits and we had a very lively dinner.   They had landed 64 fish during the day with one rod on 19 and Keith B on 8.  As is often the case when I go to Middle, there were numerous rods fishing the home pools as I arrived and they are making the most of their opportunities up there.

I got back just after midnight and after defrosting, came into the dining room to find a select hard core chatting the night away.  After a few vodkas (just to warm up you understand) I left them to it and I gather that might have been a good decision as there are a few sore heads wandering aimlessly about this morning.
Graham J on Bear Corner
Why not have a few drinks to celebrate a very good day?  We landed 49 here at Lower with Craig C leading from the front with 14 fish and plenty of others on the 6 or 7 mark.  Apart from simply being a better day for fishing, it was noticeable that there was a strong run of fresh fish coming in and those rods on Beach and Moscoi probably had the best of it.

Ralph C and Vova in the sun on Tuesday
Kitza continues to do well and they landed 38 yesterday with Craig P and Boo V ending up as the top rods with 9 and 7 fish respectively.  Boo is the aunt of Tom Ledger who was the previous camp manager at Kitza and I know that she and Jeremy have been warmly welcomed as he is fondly remembered by the whole team over there.

We woke up this morning to the conditions that we have been dreaming of – it is utterly miserable. Long may it continue and Craig has already been out this morning to land 2 before breakfast so we hope that it is the start of another productive day.

Charlie White