Tuesday 14 June 2016

Double Guns

Via an airborne assault yesterday, with both black fly and mosquitos hunting in biblical volumes. After 14 years on this peninsular, Bill Drury had never seen the likes of it. I headed up the river mid-afternoon and it wasn’t long before boats were in flight downstream.

Flee the flies
Guests’ faces at the end of the day clearly showed the exposed areas between Buffs, caps and sunglasses and breakfast this morning consisted of antihistamine cocktails all round.
Tim P’s son had better beware…. You’ve not returned his mozzie net to the fishing bag!

The "Generation Man" old Vova spent the day firing up the banya after many much in camp political wrangling the day before and it was very well received (along with many cold beers) after a brutal day on the river.

Banya bound
Nonetheless, fish were caught in reasonable numbers at Middle upstream of Fortress Rock and as is to be expected the more experienced rods produced the goods. Despite the aggressive insect life Tim P had seven fish, five of which came from one spot at Royal Dee that he pulled out of, but was certain there were another couple to take from there. Thoughtful fishing again from this Francophile, with several fly changes, swinging them fast and as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.
Doug U also had a great day having caught seven fish and lost a couple more. His partner hooked into a similar number, but shook most of them off – I feel it’s time for The Ferret to swim.
Olivier D is on the same thought lines and snagged 3 ALL on Le Chutney F. Come now, tie one on today, they get that taste they’ll not let go!

A fresh start
Away from the river and wandering through the woodland you’ll come across incredible ant hills with these industrious insects gathering vast piles of pine needles. They (the needles) can’t taste so good, so I’d imagine they’re feeding something else – fungi perhaps?

Life down on Kitza continues to be rosy for first timer Mark L who found three fish yesterday, and Ian B caught four – pretty respectable result wherever you fish for Salmo salar.
There was a certain symmetry to yesterdays reports with 16 fish topped by a 16lb’er (to David M) from Pana and 13 on the 13th at Kitza.