Thursday 16 June 2016

Follow the fish

It was a sensible plan in the minds of all, but in hindsight more a case of all the eggs in one basket. Concentrating the rods in the top half of the river produced a reasonable day in terms of numbers (25), though below par for the week.
 Doug U had six fish at the scene of yesterday’s battle and Ian S had a couple. However, Ian did not lose any so hopefully his case of the yips has been cured?!
Tim P had five and continues to draw on his 12 years of experience on this lovely river.
Sebastien R has been soldiering on this week with a very positive attitude and hooked four fish – that’s all that Victorian gentry were bothered about, so he’s rolling with that for the time being.

Tim knows it - so may you
For those rods that went wandering further down the river there were a few bars of silver to be found – encouraging to see fresh fish still joining the party and perhaps resting those waters may benefit today?

Vova gets his tash on
There was another banya and strong emphasis on joy de vive for in camp this evening. Donna rustled up more gravadlax and a further four fine courses for supper. This was followed by a vodka session and a sing off between Ian and Doug versus Stefano and Gaetan – think 8 Mile meets A River Runs Through It.

Crepe suzette from Donnas' office
Glorious sunshine and a stiff breeze today should make for an enjoyable day to be out and about.

Stefanos' sunny disposition brings him fish this big.
Following on from yesterday’s chat with Toby and we can concede that the stats aren’t always reliable. Seven fish for the river with a 15lb lump for Algernon P. Nonetheless, a betting man would still go with this week.

Kitza plugged away with thirteen for their day with Josh C and Alan McT accounting for three each.

Looking forward to escaping camp and heading up river today as in the absence of serviceable boats due to low water it turns out I’m “just really into blogging” at the moment.

Tolerable view
For incoming guests info – we’re still fishing intermediate tips in places, so still pack suitably. Also bring midge nets and anti-histamine pills. They’re not on the list, but make life far more comfortable should the need arise.

Oli Shuldham