Monday 13 June 2016

MSW wake up

After a particularly tough time last week, yesterday seemed to bring a slight change in fortune for both Kitza and Pana.

Having loaded a couple of very excited Kitza virgins back onto the helicopter, post pit stop at Middle camp, Mark L and Graham Y found five and three fish respectively for their opening day and are understandably quite pleased with life! Of particularly unusual note for this pretty little river, Richard G brought an 18lb fish to the net – perhaps a lost one of the fish that Yokanga guides refer to as “small fish”?!

The big bird's retired in this water
On Pana David M lead the way with four fish to his rod and a further eleven were shared pretty evenly throughout the other rods. Certainly not gang-busters compared to normal standards, but damn fine fishing nonetheless.

Stefano says "you grip I'll grin"

Due to low water making boat life difficult for those of us without intimate knowledge of the middle river Bill Drury decided to go for a stroll yesterday and marched through clouds of black fly to iron out casting issues up at Pashas and then made his way South again to meet Stefano M and Joseph C at Eagle Rock and Simmons. I greeted two knackered but happy faces back at camp with six fish between them. Bill on the other hand was covered in black smears having spent the day pasting insects across his face.

Joseph thinks Ivan's the man

Blue Rock to Lower Fortress seems to be where the money is at the moment and Peter W, Graham B and Tim P each returning with three apiece. Tim P seemed to have spent the day thinking hard about his fishing and endlessly changing his fly and pace of swing. As a result he’d managed to shake off another handful as well. I believe they count “hook-ups” in the US and as that’s the challenging part I can understand why.

Get it square out there

Clouds of large green duns have been pouring off the river of the last few days and sedges have been running like mad for the banks. A slight lift in the air temperature, good insect hatches and cloud cover screams Bomber Time to me… if you can tear yourself away from the grayling. Pack suitably Selbs.

As I sit in the dining room window at Middle I’ve watched a fish repeatedly moving by the rocks just upstream. I think it requires tending to this evening.

Toit loins,

Oli Shuldham