Monday 22 May 2017

Arrived and ready

Twas the night before "monday" and all through the house, nothing was stirring not even the mouse... Then Matt and Beanie arrived... on a hover boat.

All pretty jealous of this entrance
It actually turns out that they are a great asset already but it was quite a shock to the community system. My BBQ was burned out about 3 hours too early but we had the most delicious pork dish that Lucy cooked and a few beers to welcome the new recruits.

Matt and Beanie
The sun arrived yesterday afternoon and is still here this morning. We did have some light snow in the morning but not enough to settle. The river has dropped a little and it was cold last night again.

This morning the river has dropped a bit
The good news is they are no longer crossing the river on the ice at the village. However just above it is still somewhat solid as far as we can see. It's no longer possible to walk into the village along the river's edge so things are moving but it all seems jolly slow.

Sunset over the camp last night
More tomorrow morning when we will have had a chat with the Russian team about what is happening up above.

Jack Selby