Sunday 21 May 2017

Bigger and better

This morning the river is up and looks like a proper river. There are still chunks of ice gently trundling down past us. It's cold and there is light snow.

Bigger and Better this morning
Yesterday evening a huge chunk of Ice came down past us. It was almost in one piece and picked up a massive boulder in front of us and rolled it along the river bed like it was a pebble. As it went through the rapids it broke up.

Toby watches as a big sheet goes through
The area below camp has largely cleared meaning we dont get the build up anymore. From where we look out it just looks like a bigger and better river at last.

Another big chunk late last night
Having said that there is an awful lot still to come to clear the full river and the snow and ice that is left on the banks needs to make it's way into the system also. However from a fairly depressing outlook last week we are much more hopeful of things to come.

Massively satisfying watching it drift into the rapids
Matt and Beanie join us tonight from MMK and we are going to cook them a BBQ. It's going to be both pleasant and odd to have new blood in camp. We've become slightly institutionalised by the last two weeks.

I hope to have even more ice flows to report tomorrow.

Jack Selby