Wednesday 24 May 2017

Blog by proxy

As Jack mentioned yesterday, all of the camps are now fully staffed and are beginning to get up and running after the endless winter.

Lower Varzuga this morning
I understand from Bill that it was a whirlwind of activity with the helicopter going non-stop all day as it was loaded, unloaded, refuelled and re-positioned time after time.

Upstream at Kitza yesterday
Yesterday also bought us the news we had been hoping for as there was a serious amount of ice floating past Lower all day.

Home pool at Pana last night
In a cold spring it can take time for the main ice sheets to get moving and after the initial thrill of seeing the ice break up, it can dispiriting to be at Lower and not see much happening.  It just takes time and yesterday bought us much more of what we are looking for.

Ice sheets going past Lower at lunchtime yesterday
The river beside all of the camps is now clear of ice and things can start in earnest.  More tomorrow when I hope to have photos of Middle which for some reason keep getting lost in the ether this morning.

Charlie White