Tuesday 9 May 2017

Gently Spinning

This morning we are looking out on a little more water. Ice and snow is still a big part of the vista but water is certainly more prevalent. Last night Toby went for a cast. Sadly it was to no avail but it most certainly perked us all up. Having cancelled week one moral was a bit low. I for one have spent a year building up to the start of our season and now I am sitting here willing the ice to leave so things can kick on.

This mornings view.
Today is Victory Day in Russia. Therefore nothing much is going to change other than the ice and snow. We had a little pre victory day party last night so Varzuga is gently spinning this morning. Iona cooked us all a wonderful supper last night and I have foolishly started breakfast for her. Yesterday we achieved a great deal but I'm not overly confident we will be terribly efficient this morning.

Bill testing his new wellies

Bill and I have parceled up all the new loan rod and reel outfits for each camp. This set up has been designed largely for the Varzuga system and once we have enough water open in front of us we can hope to put a bend in the rods.

New engine boots made of rubber

What strikes me as I sit here, willing things to break up, is that whilst we are stuck here making inventories of our supplies and clearing duck boards, Lynsey and Charlie are back in the office dealing with the cancellation. Whilst it is very sad to cancel opening week it is testament to the reliability of this magnificent river, that so far most clients have elected to roll this year's fishing on to next rather than take a refund. We take the risk so our fisherman don't have to. 

A little more water...
More tomorrow when I will have found out exactly what Victory Day means to the Russians.

Jack Selby