Wednesday 10 May 2017

The day after Victory Day

This morning is a brighter day but still quite cold. Victory day was fairly unproductive both from a UK team perspective as well as from the Russian side. The snowball fight never got off the ground due to not being able to get snowballs off the ground. Victory day is a national holiday that seems to equal a proper party day. We did not venture to the village as has often happened in previous years but none the less the party came to see us.

Party comes to town

Looking out this morning there is certainly a little more water in front of the lodge but with outside temperatures still jolly cold no one has any expectation the Salmon will be woken up yet. Well all except this guy...

Andrea put on skis to inch to the edge and "cast"

Misha, the Russian camp manager here at Lower, spent much of yesterday reinforcing the bridge between the ice and bank just below the lodge meaning we can still get Ski Doo's in from the village with supplies, people and dogs. He also spend some time with Toby  on the drone screen looking down river and across the Tundra.

Misha and Toby inspect our surroundings

Whilst probably a bit premature this evening will see a spot of fly tying. I'm going to put together a few tungsten coned tubes and Toby is planning to create something from the dark depths of his TDF sea trout season.

A spot of tying
Donna and Iona are in the kitchen setting out their equipment and Bill and I are heading for the office whilst Glenn counts washers and drive shafts. Back tomorrow with a lot more achieved I hope.

Jack Selby