Saturday 13 May 2017

Loud Creaking

First thing this morning was glorious sunshine as was much of yesterday. Donna and I set to the final allocation of supplies to camps ready for more supplies arriving today. It's amazingly tricky to work out which camp asked for an odd number of soup bowls but luckily last years camp managers were pretty thorough with their close down notes and requests.

Starting to join up
Glenn has already had a massive win in the form of a reported "seized" engine just being a bearing issue. I say just cause he seemed to have it stripped down and built back in no time but how he knows quite which washer lives where I wont guess.

Tundra Technician 
We were worryingly low on potatoes after our last failed mission to the village so we headed up the side of the river to get some. The village had been resupplied and we headed back to camp wrapped up warm. Suddenly Toby noticed some wagtails catching insects in front of us just as the sun came out in full force. It was glorious to the point of shedding layers. The insects continued to hatch and Toby had a cast for a perch or grayling.

A sneaky cast for a grayling where the "streams meet"
The Igloo still stands and when Bill and Lucy (Kitza chef) arrive later this evening we plan to have a little shindig to welcome them back. Good food, music, dancing and snow it will be... La Folie Douce it wont be...

Bathed in sun but still standing
The Ice began to creak last night and we all watched intently hoping for a big push. Further below the camp where the rapids begin has now started to break up and there are large holes where a few days ago we could have walked so we are really starting to believe it's only a matter of time now.

A quick go but not allowed for the trip to the village
Let's hope for more sunshine today as it clearly made a big difference to the river and to warming up our outlook. We laughed so much last night it hurt and moral is high.

Jack Selby