Thursday 11 May 2017

Shopping in the Village

Yesterday productivity returned to form. Donna and Iona got their kitchen equipment out of the container and made a note of things that had gone missing or been damaged which was luckily very little. Toby, Bill and I took to the flies and loan reels and Glenn has now cataloged his engine parts.

Flies sorted and stacked
Water is certainly more and more part of our landscape here and there are gaps of flowing water at the edges. It was cold yesterday, very cold, but that did not seem to stop the slow and steady change in the river which seems determined to get going just like we are willing it to.

Starting to eat away at the edges.

The Russian work party left for the village again at around 3:30 which triggered a desire to head out for a little walk. We are out of potatoes and so decided a spot of shopping in the village was in order. We headed out along the track towards the village which actually only took about 20 minutes to reach.

Donna and Emily on our walk into "town"

We had Donna as our guide and the first shop we arrived at was out of potatoes. Luckily it had a supply of chocolate which camp had been lacking for a few days. We got some frozen vegetables too and headed for the church.

Serious log pile OCD.

We found the second shop just past the wonderful churches, one of which is made entirely without nails and is truly ornate in nature. The shop was shut but we walked to the top of the vast flight of stairs to watch the young kids of the village enjoying spectacular sledging. 

A spot of village sight seeing

We walked back to camp buoyed by the idea of being so close to a chocolate supplier and Iona rustled up a most delicious prawn dish of which Toby had 3rds.

Long awaited King Prawns

Today for Glenn and I is engines day. We are now able to get into the container and work out which needs what and get a few on stands. We are also in more of a position to clear up and lay out our living areas which will make it feel more homely. Hopefully more river frontage to report tomorrow.

Jack Selby