Monday 26 June 2017

All but the tech

This morning my images are going to be a medley of the season so far right from the really cold early days. Toby is struggling to get a decent satellite data connection at middle. I'm hoping we have found a way to sort this but for now I have no current images to report.

Right at the start this was all that was not frozen
However the fishing has been jolly good. Including the first night the party have landed 42 fish. Yesterday was lovely sunny weather and the water temperature was around 11 degrees. Thus where the river is deep and fast the heavy tips still won the day purely to counter the flow of water but where it is a bit slower intermediates have been the order of the day. On top of this Paul R landed a fish on a full floating line in Generator.

Toby and Matt back from the first few casts
Last night Paul R caught a very respectable fish. Toby pressed him for an estimate as he was not overly keen to put a figure on it but guessed around 16lbs. Paul tends to be pretty honest if not a little modest about these things so this could well be accurate. He has a picture I believe so lets hope it gives some perspective.

Slight set back in week 1
Stewart S and Dominic M both had good days yesterday which I'm really pleased about. Last year they had tough fishing because the water was too low and they fished really hard and well. I was out hosting them and really felt their pain. This year Dominic M has said to Toby that he has seen more fish moving, landed or lost in one day than in 2 weeks over previous years. I hope he keeps up with his great start.

Last week on Kitza with the green finally pushing through
This morning the weather is overcast and light rain. There is murmuring from the guides that tomorrow it will be heavy rain. Having said that we had some good days last week at Kitza even on a rising river and one thing I know about the team at middle is they will work hard what ever is thrown at them.

Jack Selby