Thursday 29 June 2017

Short takers

Yesterday the weather never really changed. There was heavy rain forecast but this may have remained inland of Middle camp as they enjoyed overcast and light showers only. However either rain in the tundra or Tuesday's rain meant the river was up about 4-5 inches. This did not hamper fishing particularly although might have had something to do with the short taking. The team landed 25 fish.

Paul R and Gordon B were up river and Paul estimated he had hold of or offers from 30 fish for the day and only landed 7. He lost quite a few and had quite a few tugs and then nothing. Whether this was down to fish running hard on the rising river or maybe a bit of cooler water coming in making them less aggressive we can only speculate.

Dominic M had another lovely day landing 7, 6 of which were landed from Peartiha. He told Toby that he had caught more by the end of Tuesday than any other week he has fished. I'm very pleased for him indeed.

Last night Paul R decided that enough was enough. Inspired by the Bear and at one with nature and the animals he stalked and caught a fish with his bare (Bear) hands. Quite why it let him do this I'm not sure but he was jolly pleased. I've not heard what the Salmon thought of the whole thing.

Toby is in the process of sending me images so I will update when they arrive.

Jack Selby