Tuesday 7 May 2019

Dividing supplies

Today we have the unenviable task of splitting the dry goods and cans between camps. This seemingly simple task is remarkably tricky to complete with differing quantities having to go to different camps based on both numbers of clients and weeks.
A bit of drone footage
Add to this that the snow and ice filled banks mean a lot of extra careful carrying and lifting and you make for quite an active day. In preparation for this, the girls (Holly - Middle, Bryony - Kitza and Claire - Lower) have fed us as if we might never eat again.
Yesterday's lunch involved sausage rolls a foot long and supper was so delicious and filling as to be almost too much. We are all hoping to burn off some excess food as the dash between boats and camp continues.
Lower Boats are almost ready
Sun and Ice flowing. Both good to see.
A slightly shortened blog today as there is much to be done but yesterday's weather started cold with low cloud and small snow flurries. This quickly gave way to warm sunshine and a lot of the snow and ice round camp got very soft and began to melt well. From around 4am the sun has been shining today and we have a warm wind from the south. Our good friend Peter (Varzuga veteran) has indicated that he thinks today will see a big rise in the water. It seems there is also now navigable passage to Middle Camp so I suspect I will suddenly be set to go upstream.
Glenn checking his new spares in.
Back to the supplies! More tomorrow.

Jack Selby