Friday 10 May 2019

Up river to Pundostrov

As is so often the case, a 10am collection became “you’re going in 40 minutes”. And sure enough we were loading Middle Camp bags and supplies into the boats and away shortly after breakfast.

For a number of reasons I have always had to take the helicopter to get to and from Middle but the boat ride is truly spectacular. There was much concern from the team at lower as we headed upstream rather laden with goods.
Middle Camp yesterday
The sun was shining all day yesterday and with the majesty of the deep blue water reflecting the sky, ice blue walls that line the banks and a punctuation of shingle beaches, it was awe inspiring. We saw divers, goldeneye duck and eagles as we travelled up with expert navigation.

We arrived “home” to be greeted by some old friends and new faces. Everyone seems to be here already and as always they have been hard at work. Yesterday we unwrapped and cleaned all the kitchen equipment as well as stocked the store room with dry goods.
Generator Pool
Holly seems to have a new spice rack and Jana has a very serious draining rack. The main cabin is in fine fettle and with the fridges cleaned, I will be stocking them today.

The ice is pretty heavily piled round the island with quite steep walls along Generator. It is hard to get down to the water’s edge but as the water temperature increases so does the frequency of chunks and shards falling into the river.

The air temperature this morning is 10 degrees C and water is 3 degrees. Whilst I can’t be sure how I will get to the river; I will be swinging a heavy sink Skagit and T-tip with a big but not too heavy fly. The water, despite being melt water, is quite coloured and the speed of flow is brisk. The Skagit will allow me to slow things down as well as dodge the ice flowing down river.
Looking down stream to Party Pool
For all our clients arriving tomorrow, I suggest plenty of thicker layers and thermal hats and gloves. It’s a long day fishing and whilst in the sun it is lovely, it is cold by any standards.

At Lower, as here, there are reports of more ice coming down and a rising coloured river. A lot will change between this morning and tomorrow afternoon with more and more ice leaving the banks and if the sun remains strong, a further rise in water will follow.

Both the team at Lower and at Middle are looking forward to welcoming the incoming guests and we wish everyone safe travels. There will be no blog tomorrow and the next post will be on Sunday when our first guests will be on the river.

Jack Selby