Sunday 16 May 2010

A hot day all round

We had the best possible start to the week with Antony B landing his first ever salmon which he promptly followed up with 4 more. With his friend, Will Goodenough, taking 7 for the day on what is his first visit to Russia, it was just as we had hoped the first day would be. Having Brian Fratel as their guide meant that they had a mine of information at their fingertips and they were both determined to make the most of it. I fear the celebrations may be long...

Anthony B and his first salmon

Henry Giles, of Trout and Salmon fame, landed his first Russian salmon and a very decent sea trout before rounding the day off by landing a further one out of the Heli pool just before supper. With Alan J also taking 5 cracking fish it has been a great start to the season.

Henry Giles and his second fish of the day

It is still hot and the breeze today felt almost tropical but in the past hour the wind has changed and it feels colder now. However, it is all relative and the endless thermals that I lovingly packed are still going unused.

Tom Ledger (Kitza camp manager), Paula Erskine (Kitza cook) and I are flying over to Kitza tomorrow to start the setting up of the camp for their first guests who arrive on Saturday. It will be interesting to see how the river looks over there and I will try and take a picture or two for tomorrows update.

Charlie White